ASK4 is a provider of high speed internet solutions and managed data services for multi-tenant accommodation. The company partners with universities, private sector student accommodation providers, residential apartment developers and businesses, and serves 160,000 customers in more than 400 sites in the UK and Europe.





  • Investment: February 2018
  • Sector: Technology
  • Business: Managed internet services
  • Growth Strategy: Service development and international expansion

Why we invested

ASK4 is the UK’s leading provider of WiFi, broadband and internet services to commercial purpose-built student accommodation.  The company has a strong track record of growth driven by its exceptional quality of service, superior technology and long-term partnerships with its customers.  This growth is set to continue, as ASK4 accelerates the roll-out of new products and services, further expands in the UK and continues to increase its penetration of international markets.

The story so far

ASK4 is continuing to focus on organic growth in its UK core sectors as well as accelerated expansion into a number of European markets. 

Website: Read more about our Technology strategy  



We are delighted to have selected Bowmark as our new financial partner, to support our continued growth in the UK and Europe, both organically and via targeted acquisitions.

Jonathan Burrows, Founder and CEO


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