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Investment June 2022

Business ModelData and Insight

Business Energy data and research

Growth StrategyOrganic AcceleratorsInternational Expansion

Why we invested

With most countries committed to net zero by 2050, the global energy system will undergo a complete transformation requiring unprecedented investment levels. This is expected to drive strong demand for Cornwall’s services as new and existing industry participants navigate these changes and assess new investment opportunities. The company has the opportunity to accelerate its growth through new product development, further internationalisation and continued investment in digitalisation.

Annual Revenue Growth


The story so far

Cornwall Insight has delivered annual revenue growth of over 20% by expanding its customer base and developing products and services in new areas of the energy market, such as the fast-growing battery storage sector. Bowmark’s investment has supported Cornwall Insight’s international expansion strategy, as well as the launch of a proprietary technology platform to accelerate the digitalisation of its information products.

Bowmark’s deep understanding of our sector and its grasp of what we are seeking to achieve strategically and culturally made it a natural partner for our business as we seek to accelerate our growth Gareth Miller,CEO

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