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Cube Logic v2

Investment February 2024

Business ModelSoftware

Business Risk Management Software

Growth StrategyOrganic Accelerators

Why we invested

Increasing market volatility, regulatory complexity and digital adoption are driving greater demand for robust, sophisticated and cost-effective solutions for risk management. As the market leader in credit risk management software, CubeLogic is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this trend. The company’s technology and software deliver demonstrable benefits for its customers, enabling them to manage risk, comply with regulatory requirements and optimise their trading strategies.



The story so far

Our partnership with CubeLogic is helping the company to continue its impressive growth trajectory through further investment in technological innovation, product development and geographic expansion.

We are thrilled and excited to be working with Bowmark as we look to capitalize on our market position and continue to expand our footprint across the globe. Lee Campbell,Co-Founder and Executive Chair

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