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Founded in 2002, OIC’s students have achieved some of the country’s best A level results and the school has impressive admission rates to Oxbridge and other top universities. It becomes the third Oxford-based school in the group, alongside d’Overbroeck’s, Oxfordshire’s top-ranked school for progress at A level, and Oxford Sixth Form College, a non-selective independent day school. The acquisition of OIC will enable OIEG to offer a wider choice of options to parents and students, whether based domestically or overseas.

“The acquisition is one of a number we plan to make in the UK independent sector,” says OIEG’s CEO Lil Bremermann-Richard. “At the same time, we are looking at expansion overseas. We aim to export the excellence of our established UK brands to deliver in-country education. OIC, with its superb track record and global reputation, is ideally suited to help us realise that goal.”