A recent staff survey of Bowmark’s portfolio companies highlighted the need for greater female representation of women in senior leadership positions – and so we created this scheme to help address the issue. By providing one-on-one mentoring to up-and- coming female talent, we hope to enhance professional development opportunities and career advancement for women in our businesses.

"By carefully matching mentors and mentees at different companies with similar business models, we aim to create impactful partnerships and share new perspectives," explained David Torbet, partner and head of ESG at Bowmark. “This scheme supports our commitment to building strong, diverse leadership teams."

In the introductory session, 46 mentors and mentees participated in a training programme covering a variety of topics, including how to leverage personal values and strengths for career development and how to develop effective communication styles.

This scheme represents an important step in developing the next generation of women leaders in technology, data and services businesses, as we continue to support our businesses in fostering diversity, sharing new perspectives and unlocking talent.