Team members involved:

Team members involved:

JacTravel is a leading supplier of online hotel bookings and inbound travel services to the tourism sector. It provides tour operators, travel agents and online retailers with access to beds at more than 12,000 independent and chain hotels, in 800 cities globally, processing nearly a million bookings per year.

  • Investment: August 2007
  • Sector: Technology & leisure
  • Business: B2B travel services
  • Growth Strategy: International expansion

Why we invested

JacTravel is a UK-based leader in the wholesale accommodation sector, a rapidly growing market driven by consumers’ increasing preference for purchasing travel services online. This was an opportunity to back a compelling organic growth strategy, driven by the geographic expansion of the company’s customer and hotel base, especially in emerging international markets.

The result

JacTravel delivered strong growth during the seven years of our ownership, establishing extensive new customer and supplier relationships in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. In addition, a significant investment was made in the company’s technology platform. Overall, profits increased approximately fourfold. In June 2014, the company was sold to Vitruvian Partners for £80 million.

Website: Read more about our Technology strategy

We needed Bowmark’s help and expertise, which complemented our own skills and experience. It was a successful partnership because they cared about the business as much as we did.

Mario Bodini, Founder
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