Our approach is driven by three overriding principles:

To be supportive investors

The key to our success is backing great people, and we aim to be supportive partners to our management teams. While we contribute as non-executive directors of our portfolio companies, we leave the running of the business to the executive management, and look to support them in any way we can. We recognise that our success is based on the management teams we back.

To add value

Our primary goal is to help managers maximise the value of their businesses, and so we actively contribute to the development of our portfolio companies wherever we can. We understand the opportunities and challenges facing growing businesses and we tailor our involvement to meet those needs.

To deal fairly and openly at all times

From our first dealings with a management team, a vendor or their advisers, through to the realisation of an investment, we aim to be fair, open and straightforward in our dealings with all parties at all times.

Bowmark were very supportive partners, and always dealt with us in an honest and frank manner.

Richard Clough, Chairman, Healthcare Homes