We actively help our management teams accelerate the growth of their businesses, with our capital and with our strategic and financial advice.

Revenue enhancement is the primary driver of value creation in a Bowmark portfolio company. This comes from a combination of organic and investment-led growth, including buy-and-build strategies and roll-out initiatives. We also invest in UK companies with the potential for overseas expansion, including in emerging markets.

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Product and Service development

We help our portfolio companies maximise their growth potential by investing in the development of new products and services, enabling them to build leading market positions and enter adjacent markets. Whether it be a software business investing in new technology, or a healthcare provider investing in human capital, our companies never stand still.

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We work closely with our management teams to help them develop and execute ambitious acquisition strategies – from the one-off acquisition of a competitor, to pursuing a large scale consolidation of an industry sector. Supporting our portfolio companies with additional capital is a fundamental part of our investment philosophy, and we have backed buy-and-build strategies across a range of industry sectors.

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We have a long track record of helping management teams execute roll-out strategies, enabling them rapidly to build scale and regional density by rolling out new units, based on a proven business model. We have supported roll-out strategies in the consumer and leisure, healthcare and education sectors.

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International Expansion

We invest in UK companies with international ambitions. We have considerable experience of helping businesses expand into Europe, the US, Asia and emerging markets, thereby accelerating their revenue growth, expanding their addressable market and enhancing the valuation achievable on exit.

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