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Investment May 2014

Business ModelData and Insight

Business Automotive Data

Growth StrategyOrganic AcceleratorsInternational Expansion

Why we invested

Repair and maintenance information has become increasingly important due to the growing complexity of modern cars, increasing model proliferation and the introduction of new technologies. This was an opportunity to back the European market leader in executing an ambitious growth plan, based on the further development of its content and IT systems, and increased penetration of markets in Europe and beyond.

Exit value


The result

With Bowmark’s backing, Autodata significantly enhanced its content and technology platform, and expanded its customer base in Europe and Australia. It also made three strategic acquisitions in France, Sweden and Finland. In January 2017, Autodata was sold to Solera Holdings, Inc. for a consideration of £340 million.

Everything Bowmark said when they were pitching for the deal proved to be true. They have supported our plans for the future, and also raised some new questions in a constructive and positive manner – which has been beneficial for both the management team and the business as a whole. Rod Williams,Chief Executive

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