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De Havilland

Investment August 2023

Business ModelData and Insight

Business Political data

Growth StrategyInternational ExpansionOrganic Accelerators

Why we invested

Demand for the company’s services is growing due to the increasingly complex and dynamic political and regulatory landscape – with an increasing number of organisations investing in their public affairs functions to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment.

Data sources collated


The story so far

Bowmark’s investment created a partnership with existing shareholder Bridgepoint, following DeHavilland’s acquisition of Forefront Advisers, a leading provider of research, reports and analysis on political trends and policy developments in the UK and Europe. With a long history of investing in data and insight companies, Bowmark is providing additional support for DeHavilland’s organic and acquisitive growth strategy.

We are delighted to be partnering with Bowmark, whose knowledge and experience in the data and insight sector is proving to be of great value to the business Donal Smith,Chairman

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