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Investment October 2020


Business Field Service Management Software

Growth StrategyProduct and Service DevelopmentBuy-and-Build

Why we invested

Demand for field services technology solutions is growing rapidly driven by the increasing digitisation of workflows, a rising population of mobile workers, greater integration of software ecosystems and devices, and an increased focus on productivity. Totalmobile is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this opportunity and has achieved annual revenue growth of 43% over the past three years, driven both organically and by acquisition.



The story so far

Totalmobile is continuing its strong record of organic growth and further developing its product capabilities. As part of the transaction, additional funding of £100 million has also been made available to accelerate the company’s successful acquisition programme.

We still have significant runway ahead of us, and to have attracted investment from one of the UK’s most well-respected private equity firms - Bowmark Capital – validates my pride and excitement for the future. Jim Darragh,CEO

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