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The Student Minds Charter Programme brings together universities committed to making mental health and wellbeing a university-wide priority, to share best practice and to create cultural change. Universities on the Programme form part of a UK-wide practice sharing network, with access to events and opportunities to come together to improve their approach to student and staff mental health.

Natalie Williamson, ASK4’s Marketing and Events Manager said: “Mental health is an incredibly important topic; the more support that is available can help make a student’s time at university more manageable and enjoyable.”

Bowmark invested in ASK4 in early 2018. Simon Kaufman, Bowmark Investment Director, added: “During this particularly uncertain time for students, we commend ASK4 for taking this initiative and making students’ wellbeing a priority.”

Having access to a reliable Internet connection is vital for students as it allows them to maintain their day-to-day academic activities, stay connected and maintain their interests. Last year, ASK4 explored the impact of gaming on students in ‘Gaming for Good’. The report identifies many benefits that gaming offers in terms of entertainment, improved mental health, wellbeing and personal development.

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