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On 10 August, World Lion Day, Tusk unveiled 45 life-sized lion sculptures in iconic locations worldwide, each decorated by a celebrated artist

The Bowmark Team visits the lion in Covent Garden

The sculptures are raising awareness of threats to the African lion population, which has declined by half over the past 25 years. Tusk’s mission is to resolve the conflict and competition for space between prides and humans.

Bowmark is lucky enough to be partnered with Adam Dant, a British artist renowned for his detailed maps and narrative drawing. Inspired by the many London pubs named after the lion, Dant decorated the sculpture in the British tavern vernacular style and cloaked it in a map of pubs across the city.

Charles Ind said: “The trail is a fun way to bring home a serious message that our shared, global wildlife populations are under grave threat. There is some remarkable talent on display this year and we are delighted to work with Adam Dant, whose unique visual style looks completely at home in the lion’s setting of Covent Garden market. We hope the event will be as successful as the 2018 Tusk Rhino Trail which raised £750,000 in London alone”.

All the lions displayed across world will be auctioned in London by Bonhams, on 9th November, 2021.

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