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Guardian Residential Lettings, an independent lettings business in Harlow, was acquired to complement LRG’s growing presence in the South East of England. Gibbs Gillespie, LRG’s largest purchase, expands LRG’s presence into neighbouring Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Hill & Clark, a lettings and sales agency in Lincolnshire, will continue to serve its local community, while EuroLet has been rebranded to Leaders Bishop’s Stortford.

These acquisitions further evidence LRG’s ambitious long-term growth plan. Last year, the company made a record number of branch acquisitions, adding 20 to the LRG brand, while bringing in 200 staff members to the business.

Matthew Light, Group Mergers and Acquisitions Director at LRG, said: “It has been a very busy and exciting time for LRG. As we grow in size, welcoming many talented individuals, brands and branches into our fold, we are thrilled to be expanding our reach and growing our regional property services across the UK.”

Bowmark partner, Tom Shelford added: “These strategic acquisitions mark a promising year ahead for Leaders Romans Group. As one of the largest operators in the UK, the Group is well positioned to continue to gain market share through its broad suite of services, digital-enabled business model and customer-first culture.”