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When citing LGBTQI+ technology leaders, Alan Turing, the famous WW2 codebreaker, is often mentioned. However, the contributions of LGBTQI+ innovators are evident across so many other areas of the technology sector, for example the construction of Linux (Jon Hall), the development of complex circuits (Lynn Conway), and the founding of PayPal (Peter Thiel).

“They demonstrate how instrumental members of the community have been in human advancement,” writes Kubrick Diversity Champion Jayanti Popkin. “However, as a wider goal, it is important for business leaders to understand how essential building an LGBTQI+ workforce is in the development of the technology industry as a whole.”

Jayanti goes on to explain what LGBTQI+ representation in the data sector currently looks like, how it adds real value, and what business leaders can do. He adds: “as the data sector continues its unstoppable growth, business leaders must seek to create a more inclusive and representative workplace in order to sustain and further the development achieved thus far.”

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